Welcome to Locale Residential!

We are so glad your have chosen us to manage your property. We take your trust seriously and look forward to building a strong relationship with you and your tenants.

How to Login and Check Your Balance/Invoices/Expenses

We have an online accounting system which contains all your paid invoices, expenses and income tracking.

Owner Portal

Common Questions

Don't forget to read What we Expect from our owners.

Your Disbursement

Each month the books are closed on the 25th and your payment is sent at that time. It arrives before the 1st of each month. If this is inconvenient for you, please let us know, as we are happy to pay any bills you may incur out of your fund prior to the 25th. If you are unable to login, please call us or email and we can reset your username and password. After the first or second disbursement, we'll create a budget for your property and you'll then receive a fixed disbursement each month, which will have repairs, expenses and income factored into it. Our intention is to give you your fixed disbursement every month regardless of actual expenses.

Property & Maintenance Reserve

As you noticed in our management agreement, every property has a reserve of $150. This means you will always have no less than $150 on hand with us at all times. This is your money of course, but is kept as a buffer otherwise called a minimum balance. Additionally, we will hold back an agreed upon monthly maintenance reserve. This differs from the property reserve as it will be used for repairs when they come up as to not affect your cash flow and disbursement.

Tax Reports & 1099s

At any time you can log in and generate reports needed for your accountant or tax return. The best report is the Income Statement, which also has expenses or if you have multiple properties with us the Rental Owner Statement. Be sure to select the correct time frame when generating a report. Or feel free to contact us, we can do this for you as well. You will receive a 1099 each year stating your total income. This represents your gross income, not necessarily your taxable, or net income from your properties. Please call us and provide your SSN if you haven't already, so we have it for future 1099 purposes. We only want one SSN per property unless you both receive different disbursements. See screenshots and more instructions here.


All invoices are in your owner portal. If you have trouble read this and then call us, we are happy to walk you through it!

Owner Requests

If you have things you'd like us to do, please feel free to use the Request feature once logged in to your portal. This will go right into our project and task management system.

Common Reports

When & What to Expect as Owner (including how our accounting works)

You just signed a management contract now what?

For Vacant Properties

    1. Evaluation: First we will ask to get keys and do an initial evaluation. We'll get bids, create estimates and get back to you on our estimates cost of getting your unit ready for a new tenant.
    2. Owner Approval:
      • If the cost is estimated to be over $200:
        • At this point we'll ask you to send us enough funds to get us started. Once we get the funds we'll start getting the place ready for photos and showings.
      • If the cost is estimated at under $200:
        • If your place is close, and just needs minor work we may not ask for funds, but instead just subtract the funds from the rent once it's received.
    3. Marketing: Once the place is ready for photos, we'll take them, and put a sign out. We'll begin to market the property and show it.
    4. Applications: Once we get an application, we'll ask those tenants to reserve the unit (putting down a large fee, to hold it). Once they are processed, we'll send you a link to the tenants application and supporting documents with our recommendation.
    5. Move In: If you agree, you'll provide us with your approval, and we'll generate and sign a lease and move the tenant in. When they are approved, we'll convert their reservation fee to a security deposit.


    Once a tenant is in, you'll see their rent posted on your portal. However, many times once a tenant moves in, the amount they pay is prorated, and is less than a full month. This prorated amount goes into your account, and is used to pay any outstanding bills or charges that we have incurred getting this far.

For Occupied Properties

  • We'll serve a notice to the tenants (email, and post the door), with an introduction letter advising them on how to pay rent the following month.
  • We'll transfer any utilities you'd like us to into our name, and pay the bills each month.
  • You'll see a disbursement each month thereafter with your proceeds.

Properties from Another Company (Transfers)

After you have terminated your contract with your existing manager, you will have a transfer date (the date they stop managing the property). If you request you might be able to terminate your contract immediately by paying 1 month of management fees.

Before the transfer date, we'll setup your files, and send a request for documents from your manager. They will prepare these documents (leases, keys etc) and on the date of transfer will be will arrange to pickup. At this time will will be able to update your portal with leases, dates and tenant information.

At this point we proceed as outlined in the For Occupied Properties question.

How Security Deposits are Handled

We collect security deposits on your property. We hold them until the tenant moves out. When a tenant moves out, we itemize the tenant charges, and refund the remainder of the deposit to the tenants. Since not all charges will be tenant charges (some may be normal wear and tear, or upgrades) some of the turn over charges will be paid from your operating budget. But in most cases, the deposit can cover a majority of them, of course subject to applicable California laws.

Deposits are returned to the tenants within 21 days from move out per California law.

However, in some cases you don't have deposits held by us. If you transfer from another management company, many times they will send you the deposits directly.

In this case, we don't have deposits on hand and when the time comes to move out, we will have to refund the tenants deposit out of your operating funds unless you send us a check to cover this amount.