Are You a Fit?

We have worked with a lot of folks over the years. Here is what we found are some common indicators for success.

A Snapshot of Our Clients

  • Desire to have a hands-off approach as we manage your assets knowing that we take pride in upgrading, maintaining, and growing your investment!
  • Typically reside in other parts of the state or country and trust our team of professionals to care for your property
  • Rely on us to complete all leasing, document preparation, fund management, maintenance and regular service of your property and tenants
  • Have sufficient funds for major and minor repairs immediately, keeping your property in good working order (We recommend a net worth of at least 500k)
  • Owns a good quality property, improving the quality of it, and value on each change of tenants, that has a positive cashflow
  • Comfortable with electronic communication as this is our primary method
  • Can regularly login and check property status and statements
  • Honors that this is our profession and we take pride in how we do it
  • Is willing to take our advice and input seriously
  • Allow us to perform all tenant communication. We ask owners not contact tenants
  • Understands the value of paying professionals for maintained lawn and landscape
  • Allow us determine proper utility charges as well as pet charges
  • Are open to good, well-documented pets
  • Trusts us to hold tenant deposits at all times
  • Understands that unit turnovers (time a unit will be empty for cleaning and repair) are completed within 15 days, or 30 days for properties in need of upgrades
  • Understands basic accounting, budgeting and the overall cost of owning a rental
  • Understands fixed owner disbursements, leaving the remainder each month according to the annual property budget
  • Lets us deal with all renewals and leases. Let us know if you plan to sell at least 6 months ahead of time!
  • Trusts us to pay all invoices, schedule vendors when needed and handle all interactions with vendors
  • Responds promptly to emails/calls regarding property issues (such as need for approval, repairs, etc) and makes decisions quickly
  • Willing to pay for licensed professionals to complete work
  • Allows us to determine when a tenant needs to be served notice
  • Understands and is willing to abide by all fair housing laws, anyone qualified can rent anywhere

Other Rules of Thumb

  • Annual inspections are performed by a maintenance vendor at the owners expense. Usually less than $150.

  • Our "recipe" works!  We have a pre-designed "template" for units including paint colors, flooring, fixtures and more.

  • We find it best to provide tenant with all appliances such as a washer, dryer and fridge, and promptly repair or replace them when they are broken.

  • Owners do not have involvement in security deposit itemization. We only charge tenants what is ethically and legally possible against their deposit. We aim to leave every tenant interaction with a feeling of fairness.

  • Sometimes renters do more damage than you might expect. This may lead to unforeseen expenses.  While we work hard to avoid these surprises and keep costs low, at times these are unavoidable. However, we have NEVER evicted a tenant we have leased to.

"They care about tenants as much as they care about the quality of their rental properties"
-Karen, Chico Tenant

"I would recommend you in a heartbeat - you and your staff have been exceptional to work with" 
- Kim, Chico Property Owner

"I so appreciate what you guys are doing." 
- Mike, Chico Property Owner

"The people who work for this company, the men that work on the properties and talk with the tenants, are amazing."
-Karen, Chico Tenant

"You guys are great. It's nice not having to worry about the property and just getting to check my account each month." 
- Dayton, Chico Rental Property Owner

"Thank you kindly for all your hard work. I know that I was not the ideal client but your diligence and work ethic are highly valued." 
- Matt, Chico Property Owner

"I really appreciate you seeing me and taking on my house with such short notice. Thank you for taking care of my house, and getting it cleaned up and rented out so quickly! That is huge - thank you and your team so much!" 
- Dave, Chico Property Owner

"We are very happy with our current situation. We have had numerous conversations that this time around (renting) it is so much easier! We feel that our property is now an asset as rental property and not a burden. Thank you!" 
- Nancy, Chico Property Owner