Apply to Rent

Please complete steps 1-5 below. We will process complete applications in the order we receive them. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Please note:

  • There is an application fee, and your application will not be reviewed until it is paid by ALL in your applicant group
  • Date and order of COMPLETE application (including supporting documents) will determine order of waiting list
  • INCOMPLETE applications (or application groups) will not be processed
  • All proposed occupants 18 or older MUST fill out an application
  • Make sure to review: Common Application Questions

How to Apply

Please first review and agree to our Uniform Policies
This applies to all applications and how they are processed and evaluated. Your application will not be processed unless you have read and agreed to this.

Complete Your Application Online
Select the property and hit APPLY. Be ready with all your information and documents to upload.

Online Personal Guarantor Application and Agreement
If you do not meet income criteria, you should get a Guarantor. The application is to be completed by your Guarantor. In the event that rent is not paid, this person will be held responsible also. In most cases, it is a parent or guardian. This form must be included with your application if you have indicated you will have a Guarantor. Supporting documents (Id and and proof of income) can be emailed to 

Upload Extra Documents (ID, Proof of Income, Guarantor etc)
Along with your application, we need a copy of your Passport/Government/State Issued ID, and if you are turning in a Personal Guarantee Agreement, a copy of your Guarantor's Passport/Government/State Issued ID will also be needed. You will need to supply a copy of a paystub and/or proof of income with your application. The easiest way to get us these documents is to email them to

Check Your Application Status
Make sure you (or your roommates) aren't missing anything!

"Definitely the easiest application process I've been through. I really like that everything is online and Megan was GREAT at getting back to me with all my questions very quickly. Thanks for everything!" 
- Robert, Chico Tenant

"This company has been wonderful to work with. Their newer apartments are beautiful and well maintained. They aren't easily accessible by phone, however their renter portal that they use is excellent, and they are quick and responsive to requests submitted through it! Their staff is super helpful and friendly as well. They've been a joy to work with so far!"
-Mikey, Chico Tenant

"You guys are pretty impressive. We've been so impressed with how responsive and professional everyone has been. Thanks for taking care of us!" 
- Kate, Chico Tenant

"Thanks! You guys were so quick, I appreciate it! Thanks a million." 
- Mimi, Chico Tenant

"Thank you for all your help and quick response! I've honestly never had such a great experience in Chico w/ a property management co. You guys all do a great job!" 
- Ian, Chico Tenant