Application Status

Please check the status of your application below. Your application number will be your first and last initials and the last number of your phone number. These are NOT in any order. This list is updated once each business day.

  • New: Not processed, but received
  • Awaiting Payment: Your application is on hold until you pay the application fee.
  • Awaiting Documents: Your application is on hold until you provide missing documents.
  • Awaiting Roommate Documents: Your application is on hold until your other roommates provides missing documents.
  • Awaiting Guarantor Application: Your application is on hold until your Guarantor submits an application
  • Awaiting Guarantor Docs: Your application is on hold until your Guarantor provides missing documents.
  • Sent for Review: Your application is complete and has been sent for review. This can take up to 4 business days.
  • Flagged/On Hold: Your application is complete but has a discrepancy. We need a response or clarification from either you, the credit bureau, your employer, or someone else. Please contact us ASAP.
  • Canceled: Your application has been canceled. Reasons include: unit not available, tenant cancellation etc
  • Rejected: You have been rejected. Reasons include: incomplete, or non-responsive applicants, poor credit, insufficient income etc.
  • Approved: You have been approved. The unit is not yours until you turn in your security deposit.
No rental applications are currently available.