Move In Checklist (MIC)

The move in conditions checklist is important for you as a renter so you can make notes of flaws, stains, and other miscellaneous damages that may have not been caught on the turnover process. No property is perfect, so it's important to record this. The checklist is used when you move out so we know what was originally in the home before you even moved in and so we can work with you to make sure we get the most of your security deposit back in your pocket. Once you move in, you should walk the entire home and make notes for every room. You have 14 days from your move in date to return this form to us to make it valid at move out.

What If We Don't Return Our Checklist?

If we don't have the move in conditions checklist on file when you move out, we have no idea what kind of flaws, stains and minor damage may have been there when you moved in! You could potentially be charged for something you didn't cause if we have no record of it. Spending 15 minutes walking through and noting small things could save you money in the long run.

Some Important Things to Pay Attention To

  • Flooring - Make note of any stains, cuts, discoloration, or flaws
  • Windows - Make sure they open and close and any blinds or window treatments are in working condition
  • Appliances - Looks for cuts, stains and that they are in good working order
  • Bathroom - Check out the tubs and/or showers for nicks and discoloration. Look under sinks for water damage and cabinet wear and tear.
  • Walls - Note any holes already in the wall and peeling paint.

Spending a few minutes in each room of your new home now can help you save money down the road!