The following will serve as a guide to the cleaning requirements when you vacate your apartment, house, or duplex.

Cleaning the unit is totally your responsibility. If you fail to do the appropriate cleaning it will be done for you and deducted from your security deposit. Never paint anything without permission. We use a special paint, and painting done incorrectly can cause costly problems. Please check with us before taking action!

If you have nail holes, or any other wall damage, do not attempt to do your own repairs. A bad repair is more costly to fix than the original damage. You may, of course, have the repairs done by a licensed sheet rock professional and provide a receipt at time of move out.

General Cleaning

  • Clean the floors. Clean vinyl flooring thoroughly, removing any dirt or stains. If there are any wood, or wood laminated floors, clean with mild soap solution and polish with Old English Stain Polish. (Available at all grocery stores, Raleys etc.) Please do not wax over a dirty floor!
  • Vacuum carpets. Remove all gum, oil, or stains If cleaning the carpets yourself, they must be done professionally and a receipt must be submitted at time of move out. But, we often get a cheaper rate, so contact us first.
  • Clean the inside and out of all light fixtures.
  • Replace any missing, or burnt out light bulbs.
  • Clean the windows, inside and out. This includes the window tracks and windowsills. Make sure to clean each blind set. Please leave blinds open and pulled down.
  • Clean the window screens. To do this, remove the screen carefully, hose off with water, and replace on the window.
  • Remove all nails. To remove stick-on picture hangers, wet them first and remove carefully. Be careful not to damage the wall texturing.
  • Wash all walls, doors, and baseboards, using mild soap and water, spic & span, fantastic, 409 or similar cleaning agents. Please be careful not to leave streaks. If you have damaged the walls, do not attempt to patch them as a bad repair is harder to fix and will be more costly. Please see the note above. Make sure to clean all electrical/cable outlets and light switches as well.
  • Remove any rubber bands from doorknobs.
  • Professionally clean any drapery that was on site prior to your move in. Remove any drapes and drapery rods if you have purchased them yourself.
  • Wipe down the water heater. Clean out the water heater closet and wipe off the water heater. Do not damage the controls.
  • Anything left not clean and in working order or any damages of any kind to the property will be corrected and the cost of doing it will be deducted from the security deposit.


Complete the following in addition to the general cleaning guidelines:

  • Clean the refrigerator. This includes all shelves, under the crisper, all pans, and ice cube trays, Said another way, this is a complete inside, complete outside, and underneath refrigerator operation. To clean under refrigerator, put soapy water on floor so refrigerator will slide without tearing the vinyl floor. After cleaning underneath the refrigerator, and the walls behind it, gently replace the appliance back to its original spot. Clean gasket and all other parts. Please leave fridge plugged in.
  • Clean the cupboards, inside and outside. Remove EVERYTHING from the shelves. Remove any shelf paper or contact paper. Use mild soap solution to wipe out inside of cupboards. After cleaning the outside of all cupboards, apply polish.
  • Clean under the sink, counter top, exhaust fan, faucet fixtures and breadboards.
  • Clean the stove(put new drip pans, if necessary). Clean under the burners. Clean the controls, burner rings, and stove vent. NEVER USE OVEN cleaner except inside of the oven and make sure oven cleaner does not get on any other part, except inside of oven; (Be careful not to let oven cleaner drip below oven door. DO NOT use oven cleaner on any of the control area. To pull stove out from between cupboards put soapy water on the floor in front of stove so it will slide out without damaging the vinyl floor. Clean both sides of the stove and clean under the stove. Then gently put the stove back in place.
  • Clean the dishwasher inside and outside.


Complete the following in addition to the general cleaning guidelines:

  • Deep clean the tub. They do come sparkling clean if you do it right. DO NOT use abrasives on any fiberglass.
  • Clean the toilet (inside and out) and the toilet tank. Use a pumice stone to remove water rings.
  • Clean the basin vanity and basin. Clean all cupboards and the mirror. Polish cupboard with same polish used on kitchen cupboards. (Ask us for name of polish.) Clean counter top.
  • Clean and polish all chrome fixtures, including faucets, lights, etc.
  • Clean the shower, shower doors and door runners. It will be necessary to use a product that removes water and lime deposits on the shower doors. "Lime Away" seems to work well. The doors can be removed for easier cleaning if you like. Be very careful not to damage the doors in the process.


Complete the following in addition to the general cleaning guidelines:

  • Sweep all the area. Remove any gum, dirt, oil etc. from flooring, and remove any personal items.
  • Hose off patio floor.
  • Remove as much oil as you can from your parking spaces. Oil ruins the asphalt and must be controlled.
  • Clean all light fixtures, and replace missing or defective light bulbs.