Pet Polices and Common Questions

We love pets and look forward to working with you on your housing needs!

We do use a third party pet screening website. There is an additional pet application that is collected by this third party website.

To start the pet screening process, please go to

Property Types & Guidelines


Multi-Family Units with No backyard/Shared Walls:

  • small pets only, 20 lbs or smaller
  • no more than 1 small pets allowed
  • animal must be 6 months or older
  • no animals that are aggressive or disallowed by insurance

Multi-family with Small Individual Yards (common areas excluded):

  • small pets only, 30 lbs or smaller
  • no more than 2 small animals per unit
  • no animals that are aggressive or disallowed by insurance

Duplexes or Homes with Small Yards

  • small pets only, 30 lbs or smaller
  • no more than 2 small animals per unit
  • no animals that are aggressive or disallowed by insurance

Single Family Homes (with Yards)

  • no more than 2 pets per unit (dogs, cats, etc)
  • no animals that are aggressive or disallowed by insurance

Pet Policy & Questions

All resident(s) shall be responsible for adequate care, nutrition, exercise and medical attention for their animal(s).

If the animal or safety of animal is threatened by the death of incapacity of owner, or by other factors that render the owner unable to care for the animal (including assistive or companion animals who are poorly cared for or have been left unattended for over twenty four (24) hours, the situation will be reported to the appropriate state or local agency and request removal of the animal. Any cost to remove animal will be charged to resident.

If the animal becomes a nuisance or is perceived as a danger to other residents, the animal must be permanently removed from the property.

What do the pets symbols on our listings mean?
These icons mean that pets are negotiable at this property. It means that pets will be considered when we are processing your application, but we might decide that your specific pet will not work at this property. Pets are considered a part of your application so when approving an application we are looking at all aspects (credit, rental history, employment) when making a decision about approval. The pet symbol does not automatically mean your pet will be accepted, it means your pet will be looked at as part of your application and taken into consideration as if you would be a good fit for that rental home. For example some pets are not allowed per the owners insurance policy etc.

Each of our homes has a different owner with different policies on pets. Please keep in mind that if you and your pet don't work out for one home we can try again on another home.

All pets must be screened through our third party pet screening site:

What is the cost for pets?
If you are approved with a pet keep in mind there may be a pet deposit and/or pet rent added onto your lease agreement. The pet deposit is usually $250 for the first pet and $100 for each additional pet. Pet rent can also be charged per month instead or in addition to a pet deposit. The pet rent would be decided per property but is usually $35-75/month/pet.

I have a companion or service animal, what steps do I need to take?
A documented companion or service animal can be accepted at any property, no matter if pets are accepted or not after you complete the required steps. You will need to fill out a reasonable accommodation form (see below) with your request to have your companion/service animal with you. Companion and service animals will be screened through Please start that process here, An applicant will be required to meet all other requirements found on our uniform policies agreement and sign a companion animal agreement. You will still be required to submit a photo of the pet and vaccination records.

My pet and I have been accepted, now what?
Congrats, we are excited to meet you furry friend. We will send over a pet agreement with your lease agreement. This will outline your pet rent and deposit. The pet agreement will also go over the general rules and expectations of having a pet in one of our homes. Make sure you read over this agreement and understand what you are signing.

What is the required black light testing?
All homes with pets will now be black tested at move out. This will be charged back to you and usually runs anywhere between $50-$100 depending on the size of the home. The black light test shows any urine spots the animal might have left. Should replacement be necessary, it will be at tenant's expense.

I currently live in one of your homes and I now want to get a pet, what do I do?
Most of our homes are pet friendly, but be sure to check with us to make sure that your home accepts pets. We will need for you to submit an e-mail with a description and photo of the desired pet. You will also need to submit your pet through our third party pet screening website and pay a fee to have your pet screened. Please start that process here, There is an additional pet deposit and pet rent.

Certified Companion Animals

Resident assistive or companion animal owners must recognize that other residents may have chemical sensitivities or allergies related to animals, or may be easily frightened or disoriented by animals. Service or companion animals owners must agree to exercise courtesy with respect to other residents.

Reasonable Accommodation Request

  • This member of my household has a physical or mental condition, disorder or impairment that limits one (or more) major life activity and/or a record of physical or  mental impairment and/or is perceived by another as an individual with a physical or mental impairment.
  • As a result of his/her disability, the following change or changes is/are requested so that this household member can have an equal opportunity to enjoy the premises (Check the kind of change(s) you need.)
  • Please describe the change you selected above in detail here.
  • To verify that the person listed has a disability, the need for this request or to offer possible alternatives to the specific request listed above we may contact the following person. If requesting member does not have a representative, this is your name.
  • If requesting member does not have a representative, this is your address.
  • I (we) give you permission to contact the above individual for the purpose of verifying that I (or a family member) has a disability and need the reasonable accommodation request above. I (we) understand that the information you obtain will be kept as confidential as reasonably possible while  processing this request and used solely to respond to this request for an accommodation.