You have reached this page as you have expressed interest in getting out of your lease early.  When you sign a lease or a lease renewal and find out that you can no longer fulfill your lease we have a couple of options depending how much time is left in your lease.

A lease assumption works best if you have 4 or more months left in your lease.

An early lease termination works best if you have signed a lease and are unable to now move in or if you have 3 months or less left on your lease.

There is a fee of $150 for both a lease assumption and an early lease termination.

If you have any concerns or questions, please submit them through your tenant portal.

It is at Locale Residential approval only for a tenant to move forward with a lease assumption or early lease termination.

What is a Lease Assumption?

Legally, a lease assumption is the passing along of your right to occupy your unit per the terms and conditions of your lease agreement. Your lease is a legal document, and you can, with our approval, allow another person to assume this lease. The person that assumes your lease, also assumes the terms of that lease, which include a rental rate, security deposit and term (among other things). Please note a lease assumption is only done when all current occupants move out. If only one roommate is leaving and others are staying, it would not be a lease assumption, but rather a room mate change. Please use your tenant portal to start a roommate change. If all tenants are moving out, please continue with the lease assumption.

If you are ready to move forward with a lease assumption, please go here.

What is an Early Lease Termination?

Do you only have a couple of months left in your lease or signed a lease renewal and now can not stay? An early lease terminations might be a better option for you. With an early lease termination, you will give us an exact date of when you will be out to the unit. We will start advertising the unit. You will move out of the unit on that certain date. We will turn over the unit.  We will continue to work on leasing the unit.

You will be responsible for rent until someone new moves in.  At that time you will get your deposit refunded and be done with the responsibility of the unit. Once you move out, we will take care of showings, refunding your deposit, moving in a new tenant, etc. With an early lease termination you choose the date you will be completely out to the unit and leave the rest to us.

If you are ready to start the early lease termination process, please go here.