Be sure to transfer all necessary utilities into your name within 24 hours of moving in. Check your lease to see which utilities are your responsibility.

Water and Sewer

Power and Gas

Internet and TV

  • Comcast (Cable and Internet) - 1-800-934-6489
    • Please do not allow Comcast to drill any additional holes for installation. Please contact us if they request to do so.
  • Comcast (Local Agent) - (530) 570-9230
  • AT&T (Phone and Internet, in certain areas) - 1-800-288-2020
    • Please do not allow AT&T to drill any additional holes for installation. Please contact us if they request to do so.
  • DISH/DIRECT TV - Not Permitted, We do not allow satellite dishes to be installed on any properties.

**You may be responsible for any damages caused by installation if not previously approved. Most units are set up for Comcast service.**


Please check with each company to see who services your address

What utilities do I need to put in my name?

Refer to your lease on which utilities are included. You can find this information on page 2, number 11 of your lease. Everything that is listed in the box is included in your rent. Anything not included will be your responsibility to transfer into your name for service. You can find the numbers for the utilities companies above.

What is a water bill back?

A water bill back is used in homes that have higher than average water bills and as a tool to help tenants. A water bill back is a flat rate set in your lease that you would be paying Locale Res monthly. This will leave the water bill in Locale Res's name to pay. You would just add your water bill back amount to your monthly rent payment. Some water bill backs are optional. In our multifamily homes and duplexes, the water bill back is required as the water meter is shared between numerous units. If you are concerned about your water bill back, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I have a water bill back, should I be concerned about my water usage?

Yes, California is in a drought so we all need to conserve water. If you have a water bill back and it is noticed that you continuously have a higher than average bill, some of that cost may be passed along to you. You will still be responsible for staying with the limits that Cal Water has set for your address. Please check in with us about the water usage at your home. It is also your responsibility to make sure the water is not turned off completely to the landscaping. We count on our tenants to be proactive in letting us know about landscaping that needs attention.

I pay my own water bill and I'm all about conserving water, so I'm going to turn off the sprinklers...?

Please don't turn off the sprinklers. We understand that the sprinklers can contribute to higher water bills, but we do not want the landscaping to die completely. We are willing to work with tenants to conserve water, but the landscaping needs to be kept alive or it could be tenant charge for any landscaping damage.